About Us

The Studio

We are Epygraph, an independent video game studio based in Argentina, established in 2022 by a passionate group of artists and engineers. We aim to create games that take players through immersive narratives that challenge their beliefs and leave a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

In an era where timeless storytelling often risks being overshadowed by meaningless noise and commoditization, Epygraph strives to reignite the importance of compelling narratives that explore the human condition, including themes of personal growth, acceptance, and the pursuit of meaning.

Our company, Epygraph, derives its name from the impactful inscriptions in classic literature that set the tone for what’s to come. We draw inspiration from these timeless stories to bring a similar level of depth and significance to the world of gaming.

You can expect an unforgettable journey when you see the Epygraph logo on your screen. Our logo is not just a symbol but a promise of a breathtaking experience that will leave you forever changed.

At Epygraph, we envision a future where video games are more than just entertainment but a medium for self-discovery and personal growth. We firmly believe that the power of interactive storytelling can change the world, and we’re thrilled to share our vision every step of the way.

The Team

Sergio Lepore

Producer | Game & Narrative Designer | Writer | Programmer

Franco Martinetto

Programmer | Gameplay & Level Designer | Technical Artist

Alejandro Broardo

Writer | Quest & Puzzle Designer

Gabriel Fortunato Chalabe

Art Director | 3D Artist | Architectural Designer | Level Artist


Key Art Illustrator


Concept Artist - Characters (Anime Style)