From Modern English epigraph, from Medieval Latin epigraphe, from Ancient Greek ἐπιγραφή epigraphḗ.

Current Projects

  • Project Cordoba (working title)

    Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Project Cordoba! This captivating turn-based spy RPG will transport you to an alternate reality where magic and science coexist in a genre known as arcanepunk.

    Inspired by Hollywood blockbusters and thrilling spy films, this game takes you through a world full of secrets, shadowy government organizations with hidden agendas, and powerful ancient Egyptian magic.

    Imagine a blend of The Bourne Ultimatum, Edge of Tomorrow, and Final Fantasy 7, and you’ll get a sense of the excitement that awaits.

    Brace yourself for danger around every corner and delve into a mysterious and intriguing universe with Project Cordoba.

    Coming Soon…
    Project Cordoba (working title)

The Team

Sergio Lepore

Producer | Game & Narrative Designer | Writer | Programmer

Franco Martinetto

Programmer | Gameplay & Level Designer | Technical Artist

Alejandro Broardo

Writer | Quest & Puzzle Designer

Gabriel Fortunato Chalabe

Art Director | 3D Artist | Architectural Designer | Level Artist


Key Art Illustrator


Concept Artist - Characters (Anime Style)

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